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Heladerías Mamma Mia estamos ubicados en C.C. Las Terrazas en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. C.C. Las Terrazas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


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Traditional ice cream with self-service

An innovative idea born in 2012 in a small town in northeastern Italy, home of the Artisan Ice Cream, which is based on a totally new and original concept: the personalisation of the tub or cone with the ice cream of your choice.

Artisanal ice creams

Try our range of more than 80 different flavours.

Italian Coffee

Our coffees and cappuccinos have the highest standards of Italian quality.

Fruit Smoothies

Our smoothies are made with organic fresh fruits daily.

Homemade sweet and savory

Enjoy a delicious cake, a pancake or a homemade waffle.

Traditional Recipes

The ice cream is made with selected raw materials, coming from qualified suppliers and produced following exclusive recipes of the Mamma Mia brand. The ice creams are prepared by the operators themselves, carefully trained and specialised.

NO OGM, Gluten Free and preservatives

The ice cream is made by hand and with quality raw materials, thanks to a meticulous selection of ingredients, all without OGM, dyes, preservatives and gluten free

Fresh and Biological

The ingredients used in the process of making fresh ice cream using only biological and natural ingredients of the highest quality.

More than 80 flavours

A range of more than 80 different flavours among creams, fruits, chocolates and yogurts that rotate every week.

Ice creams to your choice

At the Mamma Mia Ice Cream boutiques, you can create your own ice cream. Choose the quantity, the flavours and also add your favourite toppings.

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Choose your favourite combinations

Our innovative concept of self-service allows personalisation to your choice with different possible combinations between ice creams, natural fruits, toppings and crocanti.

An Unmatched Legend

The Mamma Mia tradition has remained to this day thanks to having managed the preservation of specialised trades created from the inherited knowledge and acquired skills.


Artisanal Ice Creams

Try more than 80 different flavours.


Sweet and salty crepes.


Made with lots of love.


Natural fresh fruit drink.

Crushed ice drinks

100% artisanal with fresh fruits.

Ice Cream shakes

Shakes and Frappés to your choice.

The History of Ice Cream

  1. Ancient Egypt

    The one that could be defined as the first tub / ice cream cone was found in Egypt in a tomb of the second dynasty (2700 BC). A kind of mold, two cups of silver, containing snow (or ice) and cooked fruit. The ``Neviere``, places to store snow and make ice are actually an old invention. ``

  2. Rome and Pompeii

    Ice cream was already eaten in ancient Rome, but the Romans did not know it as the delicacy we know today, they used slaves to bring snow from the mountains. In the ruins of Pompeii there are traces that suggest that there were shops selling scraped ice sweetened with honey.

  3. The first homemade ice cream...

    The first homemade ice cream was presented and tasted around 1560 at the court of Caterina de Medicini in Florence, presented by the architect Bernado Buontalenti it was almost a lemon sorbet cooled with snow.

  4. The first ice cream shop ...

    In 1686 the Siliciano Francesco Procopio opened the first ice cream parlour in Paris using fresh fruit, honey, sugar and ice. In 1700 the ice cream arrived in America, when Giovanni Basiolo took it to New York. At that time there were many kinds and types of ice cream that were not known, but in 1773 the first ice cream advertisement appeared in a newspaper saying: ``Just arrived from London, Monsieur Filippo Lenzi, pastry chef and ice cream man!``<br />

  5. Expansion throughout Europe

    In the early 1800s the Italian ice cream makers, located mainly in Venice, began to market and distribute their ice creams in Austria, Germany, Holland and Belgium and then throughout Europe.