Mamma Mia Heladerías

Heladerías Mamma Mia estamos ubicados en C.C. Las Terrazas en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. C.C. Las Terrazas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


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If you want to be part of the Mamma Mía group as franchise, fill in the following form and we will contact you.

Our Mamma Mia franchise takes particular efforts to:

  • We know how to combine the commercial skills throughout our managing international experience
  • We know how to pay attention to every single detail, what we require to keep updated on the present and future steps by all investors and team members.
  • Financial requirement is to dispose of a minimin capital of 60% of the total investment amount – so as for a single shop, same for multiple ones

From our side, as a franchisor, the main role consists of :

  • Two weeks Training with a Full Immersion course at our Central Shop
  • Fully Assisting the start-up of every new opening.
  • Advising and Assisting the new investors about choosing the proper location.
  • Organizing the pre-opening activities,
  • Ongoing Marketing
  • Orders of Main Ingredients centralized by a softwer downloaded at every single shop, in order to keep existance on safe minimum levels.

After opening your first Mamma Mia Self Service Ice Cream Shop, you will enjoy:

  • An activity focused on a professional and ongoing customer care .
  • Production at place, easy to learn throughout simple achievements.
  • The best profit of the sector.
  • An innovative, prestigious and unique business
  • Guarantee of being the sole and unique Mamma Mia in your area!

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