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Tired about your non-performing business?

According to official sources, thousands of small enterprises during and after the Pandemic, who perhaps had savings of many years activity, or, worse, mortgages for financing them, have suddenly found themselves without any survival option.

Situations like these not only lead to financial problems, but also to personal and family dramas.


In the same way, it’s not a solution to throw in the towel and stop the activity: better to keep something on the account, then a few years later a new tax or a heavy inflation rate could strongly reduce the capital.


We know that these hypotheses are not that remote: by the way, stopping investments has more risks than the other way around.

The only sector that indeed is not following trends and does not suffer from Amazon’s competition

is about the Classic Products F&B. A Coffee Shop, a Restaurant, a Bakery… they usually work for decades and almost nobody close for a lack of incomes, but because the Barman, Chef or Baker get tired or retires.


All these sectors where you are not the Barman, Chef or Baker,  will make you always “dancing” with empolyer’s decisions.


So, what is the artisan sector in F&B, with safe incomes, where you can standardize your production, leaving it independent from a single person? The

Ice Cream

It’s clearly  not possible doing it for all ice cream parlors, but only together with the ones where the project has been perfectly studied in details by professional entrepreneurs (certainly NON ice cream makers)

The solution goes through the following key points;

The ice cream is a simple buy/back, where anybody can be provided by any suppliers,

When they use semi-finished industrial low quality products, full of artificial dyes and aromas, unsuccessfull in médium-long terms with the more demanding customers.

One thing is indeed; in both cases, the best customers will choose other destinations. Those who are willing to spend more, because they can afford it, will not be the habitual customer profile.

Quite the opposite; your place will be destination of customers who have a limited budgets, and who choose basing on the cheapest price instead: those who criticize everything, ruin your reputation enjoying social networks and medias to defame you, enjoying seeing your efforts frustrated.

Also in this case it would not be your fault: but other entrepreneurs, who know how the business is going. The failure is of them, but the bill will be fully yours!


So what to do?

Networking with them? No.

Throw in the towel? Even worse.


This situation could become an advantage only doing something different.

For example, trusting a chain of ice cream parlors that, rather than being a franchise of entrepreneurs, has a history of success.

In the same way you would have to find a serious and reliable partner who is the first investor of his/her own retails and has studied a system that allows to manufacture in a real artisanal way with fresh and high quality raw materials, the best ice cream possible.


The market for artisan ice cream grows world wide by 5% every year, reaching a turnover of 15 billions (60% of this share still in Europe): Mamma Mia Gelateria Caffetteria has an annual growth of 15%, 3x more the average.


The return on the initial investment is less than 14 months: in 5 years the capital is multiplied by 3 to 4 times.

These results are obtained through a surgical control of suppliers, raw materials, logistical costs and an ongoing staff training together with a dynamic international marketing.

In Mamma Mia Gelateria Caffetteria growth of sales and margins is never left by chance, but meticulously studied: so studied that the Managers constantly follow each activity in its smallest details.


These surgical strategies are not replicable indefinitely and reserved for few investors.

Two news for you, one good and one bad:

Starting with the bad one: nor now, nor in the future Mamma Mia Gelateria Caffetteria will be a franchise. Our Project will not be on sale.

The good news: we shall be looking for partners for investing together in the best locations.

This is our best guarantee: we invest with you!

If you want to be part of our project, leave your data in the form, to let us access your profile.

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